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Pepper Spray Into The Mainstream?

Pepper spray is a non-lethal alternative to firearms for self-defense, so says state Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac). Wisconsin has concealed carry and Castle doctrine laws, and the Fond du Lac Republican tells members of the Senate Judiciary Committee during a public hearing that it’s logical to revise the pepper spray regulations. You may read the whole story HERE. “So, because the rules on pepper spray are so narrow and restrictive, one might be more likely to use a firearm rather than the non-lethal pepper spray. So, it isn’t reasonable to prohibit people from protecting themselves with this non-lethal product.” Thiesfeldt says by making pepper spray canisters easier to obtain, and with a higher percentage of active ingredient, the incidents of firearm-use for defensive purposes would be reduced. Thiesfeldt argues pepper spray is often just as effective as a gun in stopping an attack, but without causing serious injury. “In locations where concealed carry is restricted, such as public buildings, citizens should have a broad range of alternative defensive options.” A member of Senator Frank Lasee’s (R-DePere) staff describes current regulations as over-reaching, over-the-top, and burdensome. Thiesfeldt says citizens should be able to choose what size and potency they want to purchase. “It can only be used for self-defense, it cannot be used on peace officers, and it cannot be used, obviously, in a commission of a crime.” He says Wisconsin is one of only two states in the country putting a limit on the potency of the spray. Nobody testified against the nonlethal weapon.
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