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Pool Safety This Summer

Summer is upon us and with it comes three months of vacation for the kids, fun in the sun and pool parties Swimming pools can be a blast for the kids, but they can also be extremely dangerous. It is imperative that parents take an active and proactive role in pool safety. If you own a pool, you also own a huge responsibility. Consider installing a privacy fence that restricts access to the pool. Thousands of our youth die of drowning each year in the U.S. All gates should have a secure latch installed that a level that small children can't reach. Consider installing a pool alarm, to alert you if someone has fallen into an unsupervised pool. A pool alarm is an invaluable safety tool that could save a life. Pool Alarm Nearly 1000 children die each year as a result of drowning. Never allow children to be alone near a pool, spa or body of water; not even for a second! From an early age, teach your children to respect water. You should keep emergency rescue products close by your pool in case an accident occurs. A life preserver ring and rescue pole are must have tools. You should also make sure a phone is kept close by. Do not trust that you child is safe just because you've put an inflatable floating aid on him. The quality of such in inflatables is often "shabby" and they may deflate without warning. In addition, these devices do not keep a kids head above the water. There is no substitute for Coast Guard approved life vests. Teach your child to swim at a young age. Children are typically receptive to swim lessons beginning at age 3. Choose a reputable swim coach that is well known and trusted within the community. Check your pool or spa for uncovered drains as the suction can trap a person underwater. The Pool and Spa Safety Act is a law enacted to preventing drain entrapments. Before entering a public pool make sure it is complaint with the Pool and Spa Safety Act.
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