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Powerful Stun Guns Affordable Prices

Where can I purchase a powerful stun gun at an affordable price? That's a question we see quite a bit on the self defense blogs, forums and chats. It's because many merchants purchase very cheaply made stun guns at wholesale prices. They turn around and over inflate the prices to gauge unsuspecting customers. On the other side of the spectrum you have merchants who are selling illegal stun guns dirt cheap on Ebay and other shopping websites. These stun guns have no serial numbers and no means to trace their origin. At Guardian Self Defense we offer powerful stun guns at affordable prices with a lifetime replacement warranty and lifetime customer support. In fact, we've just introduced a brand new line of Stun Master Stun Guns and the customer feedback has been tremendous. The Lipstick Stun Gun is 950,000 volts of stopping power and it's disguised to look just like a tube of designer lipstick. The stun gun in disguise can be taken almost anywhere. At only 3 inches tall, it can be concealed in small hands, place it in your front pocket, purse, or book bag. Ladies love this mini stun gun and take it out on dates, to the club, or exercising. It offers personal security and peace of mind that is unsurpassed. Lipstick Stun Gun Another example of a powerful stun gun at an affordable price is the new Stun Master Mini Stun Flashlight. This "little guy" is the size and shape of a mini mag-lite flashlight. It has a very bright LED flashlight built right in plus 1.2 million volts of stopping power. This mini stun gun is also disguised, meaning they won't it's really a stun gun, unless you decide to tell. Mini Stun Gun Flashlight
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