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Practical, Affordable Home Security Tips

Home security should be at the top of your priority list. Every 14 seconds another burglary is committed. Every 12 seconds a forced entry home invasion occurs. Even worse two people are murdered every hour! Below is a list of ten easy, practical and affordable ways to improve your home security today. 1. Lock your doors, windows, and garage. This is easier said than done. Everyone knows that they should lock their doors and windows, but not everyone follows through. Make locking doors a part of you and your family’s daily routine and improved home security will follow. 2. Secure your doors, windows, and garage. Locking is not the same as securing, though it is the last part. Make sure that the locks are secure and can’t be easily broken, and also be sure there are no entrances that could offer a burglar the opportunity to get into your home or garage. This could be as simple as buying a stronger lock, or as difficult as having to replace windows and doors. 3. Don’t tempt fate. You’re so proud of that new TV, you want everyone to know about it. While it’s fine to brag to friends, be careful where you’re talking. Also, though you may see it as a showpiece, there is no reason the entire neighborhood should be able to see it through your window. If anyone who passes your house can see your new TV glowing, you better believe a burglar would take note, too. 4. Plentiful lighting. Having a well-lit path leading to your front door, good lighting outside your home and home entrances, and trimmed shrubs that do not obstruct view discourages prowlers from targeting your home. A dark home is an invitation to burglars who don’t want to be seen, just as a well-lit yard can complement a strong home security system. 5. Cancel deliveries when out of town. Another sure invitation to a burglar is a big stack of papers or mail outside your door or in your mailbox. Nothing says “I’m not here right now” louder than a giant pile of mail, flyers, and newspapers. 6. Change locks when moving to a new home. Just because they owned the same house as you, doesn’t mean they share the same values. By changing locks, you can ensure you won’t have to find out the hard way. 7. Don’t put your name and address on keychains/keys. It may go without saying, but is worth repeating: A lost key with no address is worthless to a thief. It’s like a treasure map without the “X” marking the spot. If your address or name is with or on the key, you’ve marked the spot. 8. Don’t hide a key outside the door. A lot of people worry about forgetting keys or locking themselves out of their home. Don’t let that worry open you up to a greater security threat. Most hiding spots aren’t as clever as you think they are, and burglars know all the tricks of the trade. If you hide a key, chances are they have a good idea about where to find it. 9. Install a peep hole in your front door. Just because they come knocking, doesn’t mean they’re any more trustworthy than someone who comes sneaking. You should never open the door for strangers, and this way you can tell if there is one at your door. 10. Speed-dial important numbers (cops, fire, school, poison control, etc.) This is just as much about personal safety as it is home security. Having a hospital or fire department on speed dial may save your life, and having the police there makes it that much easier in case of a break-in. While 9-1-1 is fast, pushing a single button and putting the phone on speaker may be all the time you have if a burglar gets into your home.
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