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Preparing to Use OC Defense Spray

Everyone should carry a defense spray with them wherever they go. Sound a little crazy or drastic? Take a moment and go read your local newspaper or watch the nightly news. Unfortunately none of us can predict the future, so you need some type self defense product with you at all times. One of the best and most cost effective ways to protect yourself is with a premium pepper spray product.

Some people feel safe during the day and only at risk when the sun goes down. This could be a deadly mistake. A criminal could care less about the time of day. They look for an easy target, an opportunity, it's as simple as that. Each and everyone of us is a potential target. You may ask if that type of thinking is really being s paranoid. Absolutely not. The definition of paranoia is an illogical fear not based on fact. The facts related to violent crime are in our face everyday. A violent assault occurs every 17 seconds in the United States. Do yourself a favor, make a commitment to carry a personal defense spray everywhere you go.

Most experts recommend that you carry the largest size that is practical and legal for use. Most 2 ounce sprays are about 4 inches tall and one inch in diameter. This is small enough to clip onto a purse or belt. If this size is too large go with the keychain pepper spray. The biggest advantage to a keychain spray is that you will likely not forget it.

There's much more to using a defense spray than point and shoot. Practice. Be familiar with the product, you should be able to grab it with your eyes closed in a dark room or from a bag or purse and point correctly at the attacker. You need to know what the product does and what to expect. Pepper spray will shut the attackers eyes involuntarily so he can't see. It will create intense buring wherever it contacts the skin. It will incapacitate his breathing level.

Some are concerned that it could be taken from them. It is important to apply a firm grip on your pepper spray to prevent it from being taken away. Wrap your forefingers firmly around the can and use your thumb to activate it. Works from a distance so stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Trust your instincts and your less likely to be caught off-guard. Know how to arm and disarm your spray.

When you determine it's time to spray, present with authority. Put it out there while putting your non spraying hand up so if need be you can push off your threat and escape to safety. Distance and number of shots is very important. Know the sprays effective range and the approximate amount in the canister. Aim for the eyes, spray from ear to ear accross the eyes. If you miss go in reverse back the opposite way. Spray until you saturate the occular area taking away their vision. Spray must be accessible, everything disscussed previously is irrelevant if you don't have the pepper spray with you and quickly accessible. Stay alert and aware of your surrounding and you'll be ready if trouble finds you.

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