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Self Defense Products...Coming Soon!

MaceAs promised here are a few more additions to our self defense products. These are not in stock yet, but will be by mid June. The Night Defender is going to be a hugely popular non lethal defense weapon. It is MACE® PEPPER GEL® a powerful formulation of 1.4% capsaicinoids concentration suspended in a sticky gel instead of a liquid stream. The gel sprays farther than other defense sprays and sticks like glue on contact. UV dye marks an assailant which may aid in identification. Night Defender LightThe Night Defender unit comes equipped with a powerful LED light that activates when the flip top safety cap is lifted. The powerful LED light will temporarily blind an attacker, this allow you a little extra time to aim, spray and hit the target. How about a high quality ball point pen with powerful Mace inside? The Pen Defender is a high quality real, working pen. It has a compartment that disguises a 10% OC Pepper Spray formulation. The range is five feet. The Pen Defender contains 12 half second bursts. No one will know that your nice new pen doubles a self defense weapon! I will try and give you a few more new products tomorrow.
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