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Sexual Assault On College Campuses

This is an article out of a magazine that caters to teenagers about sexual assaults on college campuses. You can read the whole story HERE. We have been writing this topic for close to 10 years now, but it's finally starting to get some traction in support all the way up to the White House was Pres. Obama calling on schools across the country to address the problem. He created a task force known as the White House Council on women and girls. At the same time that was happening there was a series of reports that begin to surface about sexual assaults that were handled poorly by the administrations of some of the nation's most prestigious schools. The reports painted a grim picture of the problem on the national level. Of course, this isn't news to many students. In fact, some have been working diligently within their schools for years in an effort to raise awareness about sexual assault and the struggles between victims and administrators. "It's positive and powerful that there's now federal language specifically addressing sexual violence, because the prevalence and nature of these crimes requires specialized attention and was not adequately addressed by existing violent crime law." There have been many attempts over the years to legislate a solution. Many students have come to realize that they are the answer not the federal government.
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