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Simple car safety tips if you break down

It was just after midnight, I was traveling a rural highway on my way to a business conference, when the 'check engine' light came on and my car sputtered to a stop. I was in the middle of nowhere on a lonely, dark and potentially dangerous stretch of road. I thought about my wife and how thankful I was that this happened to me and not to her and the kids. The fact is there is never a good or convenient time to break down but it's important to prepare for the worst before you hit the road. Probably the most important device you can carry is your cell phone. Don't leave home without it and get in the habit of charging it fully prior to a night road trip. You can use it to call police or roadside assistance for help. Women are encouraged to tell them that you feel uncomfortable and fear for your safety. Once you've called for help now turn on the emergency flashers, lock the vehicle up and get out and away from your car. By sitting in a the car you become a stationary target for a criminal who may be trolling the area looking for a victim. If someone wants to harm you they will smash the windows out putting you in a very tight spot. Instead, get out and away from the vehicle. Do your best to find a barrier to hide behind. Your looking for something that will camouflage you and keep you out of harms way until help arrives. When leaving your vehicle, make sure to take anything of value, your cell phone, a flashlight and your self defense weapon. One of the best things you can arm yourself with is a good self defense pepper spray. Pepper spray has the unique ability to stop an attacker at a distance, giving you plenty of time to get to safety. In addition, pepper spray is totally non-lethal. A car safety kit can be placed in the trunk of your vehicle in preparation for times like these. It includes an automotive emergency tool, driving alarm that wakes you if you dose off, a flashlight, pepper spray, a hidden safe and much more. car safety kit
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