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Street Fight Training by Instructional DVD

Have you ever been in a serious confrontational situation? One where you feared for your safety? Like many of you I have and its a feeling that is hard to describe. Imagine the following situation; your wife and kids want you to take them to local mall to do some shopping.

Your wife and daughters head off to shop and you decide to browse a few stores. All of a sudden you witness what appears to be a confrontation between several men and your daughters. You rush over and quickly find yourself surrounded by three thugs. What do you do?

Most people would act on their fight or flight instinct. The intention of any father would be to get his daughters to a safe environment. But how, you are about to be jumped by three LARGE punks with no help insight. The normal everyday guy is about to be in a world of trouble. I could give you hundreds of scenarios where you could potentially find yourself in similar situations.

Problem is until you've been there its very hard to convey the dreadful feelings that go on inside your head. Your ego just got drop kicked, self confidence...what self confidence? I would like to introduce you to a series of instructional fighting videos that are taught by the best fighters in the world. Each of the videos teach you different techniques and different fighting styles, but the goal of these street fighting videos is the same.

To teach you how to fight and win. The videos are intense and hardcore. You will learn hand to hand fighting on unconventional techniques designed to give you a distinct advantage in any violent situation where your self defense or the personal protection of a loved one is on the line. Learn serious street fighting techniques, mixed martial arts, and Karate skills from the best.

In a very short amount of time your self esteem and confidence will soar as you learn martial arts, grappling, striking, karate, bare knuckle fighting, full contact self defense, street fighting, hand to hand combat, gun and knife disarmament, combat fighting, how to protect against home invasions and much more.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to learn how to defend yourself. The find out more about these fight videos visit

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