• GPS Helps Track Stolen Supplies

    more info? click here This is a story about a building contractor having his supplies stolen from the building site. He put in some hidden cameras to catch the bad guys but that didn't work. So finally, he installed the GPS system in the roofing materials were being stolen. And he got a hit. You can read the whole story HERE. This Tiny GPS is one of the smallest GPS units in the world. It's about 2" x 1.5". It includes a 3-D motion sensor for motion detecting and t...

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  • GPS Used To Track Sex Offenders

    click image for more details The State Government in Australia says it is using GPS devices to track the movements of 16 sex offenders to monitor their release back into the community. New laws came into effect earlier this year to allow GPS tracking of people classified under the Dangerous Sex Offenders Act. "You might look at arsonists for example, and you know, if someone's been charged with a serious arson offence, you might say, maybe you are not allowed to go anywhere near bushland, and, if you do, you...

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  • GPS App Used to Track Dementia Patients

    click for more info Here is a story out of Scandinavia where researchers have developed an application for GPS to track dementia patients. Worldwide there are 35 million patients who suffer from dementia. As baby boomers continue to get older that number is expected to double every 10 years. You can read the whole story HERE. The story noted that "One of the most common concerns for families of dementia sufferers is that the person can often wander off and become lost after getting confused and disoriented." A small GPS...

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