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  • Domestic Violence Victims Get GPS Assist

    Here is a story by the CBC out of Windsor, Canada about how GPS alarms are now available to high-risk victims of domestic violence in Windsor. Read the whole story HERE. The Windsor Police Department bought them for those victims who are considered to be in situations where there is a potential for serious bodily harm or death. "The alarms are the size of a small pager and police say they can easily hidden by the victim. The devices are integrated with Google maps software, have two-way voice capability and...

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  • GPS-Tracking City Buses

    more info here "The sisters wait until the last minute to brave the weather at their bus stops, and Elsie Morris said they will use the new Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) GPS system, PinPoint, often. “Definitely when winter comes,” she said. SARTA PinPoint launched Monday and uses GPS technology to locate buses and stops. SARTA Executive Director Kirt Conrad said the system gives riders real-time information, such as estimated arrival times, and will help SARTA manage bus routes. Conrad said Canton joins Toledo as the only Ohio cities...

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  • GPS Used To Track Sex Offenders

    click image for more details The State Government in Australia says it is using GPS devices to track the movements of 16 sex offenders to monitor their release back into the community. New laws came into effect earlier this year to allow GPS tracking of people classified under the Dangerous Sex Offenders Act. "You might look at arsonists for example, and you know, if someone's been charged with a serious arson offence, you might say, maybe you are not allowed to go anywhere near bushland, and, if you do, you...

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