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Teen Relationship Violence

Here's a story by the Star-Herald newspaper about preventing Teen Dating Violence which is becoming a much bigger problem every year because television, music, video games and the Internet perpetuate the idea that dating violence is acceptable. "For teenagers starting to date, this misinformation gives them a false view of relationships, making it harder for teens to recognize when they are in an abusive relationship." February has been designated as Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Month, a nationwide effort to raise awareness and draw attention to this growing problem. "Dating violence can be emotional, verbal, physical or sexual. Over time, it escalates, putting teens in danger. Extreme jealousy is a major warning sign of dating violence. The abuser will want to document every movement the other person makes. They will try isolate their partner from friends and family. They will say you can’t talk to certain people, and their behavior can mimic that of stalking. They want extreme control." Coercive behavior and a lack of respect of boundaries are also a sign." Many young women are not fully aware of what a healthy relationship should be, so they have no frame of reference other than what they see and hear. And much of that is not healthy. The CDC has estimated that 1 in 5 young women are victims of teen relationship abuse Often abusers try to shift the blame to somebody else thus failing to take responsibility for their abusive actions. Abusers many times shift the blame to the victim.
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