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The Year's Most Dangerous Cities

You better bar the doors and take cover if you live in one of these cities. Simply put your chances of being the victim of violent crime are much more likely if you live in certain cities. After all this is 2009's most dangerous cities. Last year my home town of New Orleans took home the covenanted prize as the number one most dangerous. For added insult New Orleans was also named the murder capital for 2008. Will New Orleans take home honor's again this year? Your about to find out! In the meantime, stockpile your self defense pepper spray, stun guns and tasers. Ranking's are out of 402 cities, so if a city has "murder" rank of 25, they would be the 25th worst murder rate. And the countdown begins:
  • No. 10: Memphis, Tenn earns the 10th most dangerous ranking. The fourth most likely city to be assaulted in. Way to go Memphis! Rankings in Crime Assault: 4 Murder: 25 Rape: 75 Motor Vehicle Theft: 58 Robbery: 6 Burglary: 3
  • No. 9: Jackson, Miss. Representing the south, Jackson is number 2 in burglary and the 6th worst in murder rate in the country. Rankings in Crime Assault: 192 Murder: 6 Rape: 23 Motor Vehicle Theft: 27 Robbery: 24 Burglary: 2
  • No. 8: Cleveland, Ohio rated number 2 in robbery and 3 in rape. Cleveland should be so proud. Rankings in Crime Assault: 118 Murder: 19 Rape: 3 Motor Vehicle Theft: 10 Robbery: 2 Burglary: 8
  • No. 7: Birmingham, Ala. Breaking the top ten in murder, rape, and burglary. Way to go Birmingham. Rankings in Crime Assault: 44 Murder: 7 Rape: 7 Motor Vehicle Theft: 40 Robbery: 11 Burglary: 5
  • No. 6: New Orleans, La. Last years number one, dropped five spots to number six. New Orleans was also the 2008 murder capital, who will take it this year? Rankings in Crime Assault: 72 Murder: 2 Rape: 262 Motor Vehicle Theft: 14 Robbery: 70 Burglary: 40
  • No. 5: Flint, Mich. In Flint you are most likely to leave bruised and broke. They earned the number one spots in assault and burglary. Keep up the good work? Rankings in Crime Assault: 1 Murder: 13 Rape: 9 Motor Vehicle Theft: 60 Robbery: 16 Burglary: 1
  • No. 4: Detroit, Mich. Two Michigan cities in a row? Detroit breaks the top 10 in four violent crime categories! Rankings in Crime Assault: 3 Murder: 8 Rape: 169 Motor Vehicle Theft: 3 Robbery: 8 Burglary: 16
  • No. 3: Oakland, Calif. If you travel to Oakland we recommend leaving your vehicle at home. Oakland takes home the top prize in motor vehicle theft! Can you say chop - shop? Rankings in Crime Assault: 7 Murder: 12 Rape: 14 Motor Vehicle Theft: 1 Robbery: 3 Burglary: 116
  • No. 2: St. Louis, Mo. The second most dangerous city in America earns top five ratings in assult, murder, motor vehicle theft, and robbery! Rankings in Crime Assault: 2 Murder: 4 Rape: 45 Motor Vehicle Theft: 4 Robbery: 4 Burglary: 13
  • No. 1: Camden, N.J. And the number one most dangerous city goes to Camden! But there not finished, they also take over as the murder and robbery capital respectively. Rankings in Crime Assault: 6 Murder: 1 Rape: 8 Motor Vehicle Theft: 8 Robbery: 1 Burglary: 41
  • Congratulations to this year's winners, we know how hard you worked! Seriously, we hope you live elsewhere, but if you call any of these places home, you need to make sure that personal and home security are priority number one. If it's not, make it your New Year's resolution. Commit to being a part of proactive change within your community. At Guardian Self Defense we can help!
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