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Great Way To Keep College Aged Daughter Safe

I love my daughter and would do absolutely anything in my power to make sure she is always safe and happy. Where has the time gone, seems not too long ago she was playing with Barbie Dolls. Today she's a freshmen in college! My shy little girl has grown up to be a very outspoken, confident, and outgoing young woman. My daughter studies hard and enjoys the college nightlife parties to an extreme. She is a beautiful, popular, intelligent woman who lives her life like there is no tomorrow. As her dad I'm so proud but terrified for her all the same. Her well-being means everything, that's why I decided to take a proactive approach to her personal safety. If I can't be with her 24/7 then I owe it to her (and myself) to protect her. After talking with our Chief of Police and several self defense guru's I was convinced that the most effective weapon for her was the Tornado Pepper Spray System. It consists of a strong oc pepper spray, a high decibel personal alarm and emergency flashing strobe light. Our Chief of Police and his team recently purchased several types of pepper spray for effectiveness testing. Although many performed adequately, the Tornado, exceeded expectations. They cited ease of use, excellent accuracy from 10 feet, and the very loud personal alarm, as to why they recommended Tornado. Pepper spray is One of the most effective yet affordable ways to protect yourself. Once sprayed it goes to work almost instantly to debilitate an attacker. It takes the fight and aggression right out of them. Pepper spray temporarily takes away the ability to see. The blood vessels in the eyes restrict causing the eyes to swell shut. At the same time an unbearable burning of the eyes takes place. Respiratory distress and inflammation cause coughing, choking, nausea and restrict an attacker to life support type breathing. All this pain and punishment can be inflicted from a safe distance, without having to get into a physical altercation. The shelf life or expiration date of most defense sprays is about 3 years, so make sure to replace a canister every 3 years. Finally, pepper spray is legal in all states for self defense, but be sure to check with local law enforcement agencies prior to purchase. Needless to say, I feel better knowing my daughter has the self defense items she needs to stay safe.
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