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Top Uses Of Spy Cameras

When people think of hidden cameras, the first thing that comes to mind is a nanny camera because that is one of the most common uses. But there are other uses for hidden spy cameras. Among them;

  1. Home security-to catch people breaking into your home. If you place one near your front door. You will catch anyone trying to break in.
  2. Business security-to catch employees stealing from you. Place one over a cash register to catch employees with sticky fingers.
  3. Marital infidelity- husbands and wives cheating on each other and boyfriends and girlfriends doing likewise can all be caught with a hidden spy camera. There is an awful lot of marital infidelity and cheating on boyfriends and girlfriends going on, enough to keep thousands of private investigators at work.
  4. And to catch elder abuse. Frequently patients in a long-term care nursing homes are in home healthcare settings cannot verbalize the abuse that they are getting from their care givers the only way to prove elder abuse is with a hidden spy camera
  5. A more obscure use of a hidden spy camera is to use it as a training tool to record how somebody presents a demonstration so that it can be improved upon.


Our hidden spy cameras are all custom-made in our warehouse in Florida. They all include a DVR and a pinhole spy camera . The Air Freshener Hidden Camera is good example. Images are recorded to an 8 GB SD card for easy playback.

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