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What Is A Hidden Spy Camera?

hidden spy camera hidden spy camera
There used to be a lot of mystique surrounding spy technology. In today's post we will answer some of that mystique by explaining what a hidden spy camera is and what they can do. A hidden spy camera is nothing more than a pinhole camera placed inside a common item folks are used to seeing such as radios, alarm clocks and other household items. A spy camera, a.k.a. a hidden spy camera, has been around since 1936 when Baltic German Walter Zapp invented a subminiature camera. World War II interrupted production of the forerunner of today's modern spy camera several times. Back then they were considered luxury items for you Nazi leaders as well as tools for their spies. Compared to today's models the old ones were bulky and inefficient as well as being expensive. Today's modern spy cameras are relatively inexpensive and affordable to everyone. In the last nearly 80 years, hidden spy cameras have made tremendous transition to the point now where they are sophisticated tools consisting of a pinhole spy camera with a self-recording DVR included in many that can record color video (some can even record audio) on motion activated basis. There are literally hundreds of models from several different manufacturers. The most common models are wall clocks and ordinary household appliances such as clock radios, air purifiers, tower fans and even wall plugs and electrical outlets. Many of them have the capability of transmitting images to a smart phone so you can monitor what is going on in your home from anywhere in the world. This Sony dream machine alarm clock hidden spy camera is a great example. It uses an 8 GB SD card to record video on motion activated basis. It features remote control functions and area masking to help prevent unwanted recording. This high quality AM/FM radio will cast no suspicion that it is a recording device.
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