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Where can I buy Mace Pepper Spray?

Most grown-ups come out in office clothes, toting unwieldy bags and hefty suitcases, hands tied to cell phones and personal effects, none of which makes us ready to come face to face with an attacker. We do not step out of the house anticipating trouble. I am convinced the mace pepper spray is made for us regular adults who walk in our heels or leather shoes everyday, and at the end of it, make the trip home late at night, feeling exhausted and barely alert. You can buy this product online in the convenience of your own home! In all the years I have worked in human resources for privately owned companies, I have encountered my share of assault cases. In my line of work, many of those occur during the commute or drive home, and unfortunately, in the workplace as well. I have consistently advised employees to carry the mace pepper spray with them at all times but sometimes they ask “where to buy mace pepper spray“. Its appearance does not stick out like a sore thumb from smart-looking work attire. The Mace PepperGard pepper spray has a potent 10% pepper formula causing tears and temporary blindness for 30 minutes, enough time to get away from danger and call for help. Personally, I use the Leather Plus mace pepper spray. Its glow-in-the-dark safety cap is perfect for night use. I keep a Mace Police in my car, a bigger 17 gram model like what is used in law enforcement. I take the Mace Personal when I jog in the mornings. I simply attach its belt clip to my belt bag that holds my MP3 player. I notice most of my younger colleagues now use the Hot Pink model and many others like the easy-to-aim Mace PepperGard Pocket. pink mace pepper spray
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