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Why Are Self Defense Weapons For Women So Important?

The answer to that question “why are self defense weapons for women so important?” is relatively easy to answer. If you know that women are assaulted so many more times than men are you begin to see why women need self-defense weapons so much.

Just take for example the recent White House report on sexual assaults on women. That report revealed that nearly one in five women or nearly 22,000,000 have been raped in their lifetimes. The report went on to say that women of all races are targeted but some are more vulnerable than others with 33.5% of all multiracial women having been raped.

College women are particularly vulnerable with one in five women having been sexually assaulted while in college.

But the place where women are assaulted more often than any other is in the home with domestic violence. Over 25% of all women in a domestic relationship, either married or not, will be subjected to domestic abuse assault. We learned just the other day that this figure also applies to teen domestic violence.

We find these figures shocking but they help explain why self defense weapons for women have become so popular. Almost every manufacturer of self-defense products including Streetwise, Stun Master, Guard Dog and others including Taser International have been manufacturing self-defense weapons for women for years.

The female market is the largest market for self defense weapons, so it is no wonder that these manufacturers cater to them.

We have always recommended that women carry a self defense weapon with them wherever they go. These pepper spray self defense weapons for women offer a great opportunity to do that because they are small, inexpensive, easy to carry and legal in just about all jurisdictions with just a few cities and states having restrictions.

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