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Women Joggers At Risk

This is a story from Australia where a sexual predator has been assaulting Women Joggers. The perpetrator attacks from behind in the dark and has worn a hood in each incident. "Officers are have increased patrols in the Newport and Yarraville areas after three women were grabbed from behind and indecently assaulted while jogging between 6am and 8am over the past two weeks. All three were wearing headphones at the time and are aged between 20 and 30, police say. Detective Sergeant Kerr said in each case the woman's scream had scared the attacker off. Police believe there may be other people out there who have been approached by this man. Detective Sergeant Kerr encouraged women to keep jogging, but urged caution when jogging with headphones in. Women are particularly vulnerable when they're out jogging, walking or cycling because usually they are by themselves and are distracted which makes them perfect targets for perverts.
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