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Alarm Clock Hidden Spy Cameras-Product Review

hidden spy cameras

Today we’re doing a product review of what we call an all-in-one Alarm Clock Hidden Spy Camera because not only contains a pinhole spy camera but a built-in DVR with an SD card to record what the camera sees.

Hidden spy cameras are becoming more popular than ever before because they can do so many things and because of technological improvements and price competition they are better and cheaper than ever before.

This Sony alarm clock spy camera is typical of this generation and style of spy camera. It features motion activated recording as soon as motion is detected. This saves you the hassle of fast forwarding through hours of recording that is of no interest.

It also features motion detection area masking which allows you to determine designated areas in settings that will prevent motion detection from being activated. For example, if you have a small dog or cat in the house, area masking can preclude the motion detection feature from being activated.

“Everything is recorded on the internal DVR. You can view your recordings by using the included RCA cable to connect to your TV or insert the included 8GB SD card into your computer or any device with an SD Card Reader. This unit supports up to a 32 GB SD Card.”

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