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America's Night Out Against Crime

National Night Out Against CrimeOn Tuesday August 4th, the largest national community self defense and security event will take place in cities and towns across America. It is the 26th Annual National Night Out Against Crime. The event is promoted as "America's Night Out Against Crime" and has really increased in popularity over the last few years. So what is the National Night Out (NNO) all about? Well it takes place every year on one special night night a year. Communities across the nation unite against crime and drugs. The 2008 NNO involved participation from over 37 million people from around the world! The campaign included citizens, law enforcement agencies, civic groups, businesses, neighborhood watch and other organizations and local officials from over 15,000 communities. All 50 states were represented, as well as all US. territories, military bases and even Canadian cities. The NNO has the following objectives:
  • Increase awareness related to crime and drug prevention.
  • Provide support for local anti-crime programs and to generate increased participation.
  • Improve neighborhood pride, ownership, and attitudes; build effective partnerships with police and law enforcement agencies.
  • Send a clear message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are prepared, organized and ready to take a stand against crime and drugs.
  • More than ever before, individuals are concerned about their personal security and the safety of their homes and neighborhoods. On this night there are traditional displays such as outdoor lights and front porch vigils. In addition, many take part in larger gatherings that include:
  • Block parties
  • Cookouts
  • Visits and presentations from police and sheriff's departments
  • Parades
  • Youth programs
  • If you've not heard of NNO before, this is your opportunity to start a local program in your community. After all it's one night per year, and the results are sure to have a lasting impact. You can learn all about the program, get free promotional materials, and contact information just click on the image above. Remember, due to the recession we're currently in this National Night Out may be more important than ever before. As all of our communities are resource challenged and fighting squeaky tight budgets; NNO organizers hope more people will analyze the value of the National Night Out closely. On a small annual budget, National Association of Town Watch (NATW), the sponsoring organization of National Night Out, has found ways to make huge strides in the fight against crime, without using tons of money. I challenge and encourage you to either start a program in your community or to join an existing NNO.
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