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Securing Entryways To Your Home or Business

Imagine coming up the driveway to find the front door of your home wide open and visible damage to the entry way. This is an awful feeling that happens to someone every 15 seconds in the U.S.! If that statistic alone doesn't get your attention, then you either live in a "bubble" or maybe you live in Mayberry! Think about it, 4 times each minute, 240 times per hour, 5760 times per day someone is burglarized. The vast majority of these crimes occur in homes, apartments, and businesses. The thieves make off with thousands and residents are left to pick up the pieces. So what can we do collectively to deter crime, secure our homes, and ensure that our house, apartment or business is the safe haven it should be. Many things come to mind, so lets focus on some home security tips that work. Does your home look occupied, even when no one is home? If your home gives the impression that it is vacant, then your inviting trouble. Open those curtains or blinds during the day. This gives the impression that someone is home. Purchase some automatic light timers. They are inexpensive and turn the lights on at night and off during the day. Observe and inspect your doors and windows; are they secure? Many home invasions occur when the criminal forces his way into a home with weak security at the entry ways. What type of door to you have? Consider investing in steel security entry doors to maximize home protection. Windows should be locked where easily accessible. Window locks are very cheap and readily available. Ever hear of "lock bumping? This is the latest, most advanced form of "breaking and entering". Criminals target older or less secure dead bolt locks, using specially cut keys and a bit of training, within minutes they are able to get into homes, businesses, or anywhere dead bolts exist. Like most things, you get what you pay for. Consider upgrading your dead bolt locks; look for a lock that exceeds ANSI Grade 1 standards for auxiliary locks. Think long and hard before "leaving a key under the mat" or anywhere else for that matter. Criminals know where to look and they do. Should they get lucky and find your spare key; the results could be tragic. If you own a garage, make sure to secure the garage door. The standard lock is not sufficient to keep criminals out. They will pry the door up at the opposite side, just high enough to crawl under. Use a reinforced locking bar on the garage door. Use a good quality padlock to secure. You may even consider installing a motion alarm or chime to alert you of movement in the garage. Look out for your neighbors. Be a watchful and aware neighbor, if you see something that looks wrong, go with your first instinct and call for help. Consider organizing or joining a neighborhood watch or similar home security organization. Visit our recommended selection of home security products.
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