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Barking Dog Alarm Protects Homes and Businesses

The Barking Dog Alarm is practical, affordable and offers reliable round the clock security to homes and small businesses. One of the best crime deterrents available is the presence of a dog, the barking dog alarm capitalizes on this by giving a would be intruder the impression that you own a vicious watchdog. The alarm will protect a 100 degree triangle shaped area at up to 20 feet away. Once the alarm is armed, it uses radio wave technology to sense movement through bricks, glass, wood or concrete. The closer they get the louder and more vicious the barks become. This works two ways, it acts as an alert system for you and a excellent deterrent against criminals and the crimes they set out to accomplish. Just point the barking dog alarm in the direction that you would like it to protect. It is the best entry way alarm you will find. Use it to secure the main entry way in your home or get one for each area you would like to protect. Realistic is the only way to describe the barking sounds. You won't be able to tell the difference between the alarm and a real watchdog. The barking dog alarm is lightweight and only 9 inches tall. It is easy to move from room to room. There is nothing to install, just plug it in, arm it and your done. Just in case the power fails there is a built in battery backup. In addition to the barking dog mode, you can also set the unit to chime or sound an alarm instead. If you are looking for an affordable way to protect your home or small business from crimes such as robbery or invasions consider adding this little barking dog alarm to your security arsenal.
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