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Automotive Emergency Tools - Car Safety Kit

After our homes and offices, many of us spend more time in our vehicles each day than any other place. We commute to and from our place of employment with the average one way commute exceeding an hour. Each day Americans spend between 2 and 5 hours per day in their vehicles. Yet must of us have never considered what would or could happen in a vehicle emergency. How would you react if you found yourself with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere after dark? Now what if it was your son, daughter, husband or wife? Every few minutes an auto accident occurs in the US; on average over 120 each day. Hopefully, you won't ever become a statistic, but preparation is key just in case. Many auto accidents result in a seat belt becoming stuck and impossible to unlatch. If you can't get free then it's impossible to get yourself to safety. How many bodies of water to you travel across daily? Should an accident occur over a body of water you could easily find yourself trapped inside a sinking vehicle. The water pressure on the doors and windows won't allow you to push them open. Now consider a very practical tool, the Automotive Emergency Tool has four critical tools built into one. A dependable flashlight will never leave you in the dark. An emergency strobe light and help you signal for help or alert others of potential danger. The seat belt cutter will set you free should the belt become stuck. The window hammer is made to break glass in emergency situations. This little tool is an absolute must have. Falling asleep at the wheel is a major problem and results in countless tragedies. We push ourselves to do more and more with less sleep. A simple alarm that attaches to the back of the ear and sounds a loud alert as the head falls forward can prevent dozing off. Its called the Nap Zapper Driving Alarm. Road rage is a reality in society today and results in dangerous physical altercations. If you've ever found yourself in a similar situation you know just how stressful this can be. Be prepared with a premium self defense pepper spray and stop the would be attacker from a distance. Automotive emergency tools offer peace of mind and real safety in a time of need. One of the best gifts you can get for yourself, a friend or family member is a complete car safety kit. Everything you'll ever need in one bundle pack from Guardian Self Defense. car safety kit
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