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Bear Spray Is Imperative If You Spend Time In Bear Country

Can you believe it, Spring is nearly hear again. In fact, it was 83 degrees today in Baton Rouge. In less than a month many of us will begin enjoying activities like fishing, hiking, camping and boating. Spring is the time of the year when the days get longer and we begin to look forward to those cherished outdoor events. As you prepare for the Spring and Summer months, take the time now to get proactive about outdoor safety. As the wilderness begins to come alive, so to does the very real danger of coming in contact bears. Now don't get me wrong, the overall likelihood of coming in contact with bears is low, but if you do become one of the lucky ones then you better be prepared. Bears are extremely unpredictable so there is really no failsafe set of rules to live by. What most experts will tell you is that following a few best practices will drastically increase your chances of surviving a bear attack. Experts state that a large number of bear-human encounters could have been avoided had people done the right things like store food properly, make noise while hiking through dense brush and not pushing bears when attempting to photograph them. Mick Holm, former Superintendent of Montana's Glacier National Park, noted that "Your best defense is to avoid a bear encounter in the first place by making your presence known." Consider wearing bells or some sort of noise maker on your backpack, or hiking stick. Talk loudly, clap your hands, use an air horn at intervals, to let bears know you're there. This is most important if you are hiking in areas of dense vegetation or in places where other noise (such as a waterfall or river) can mask the sound of your approach. Don't leave home without Bear pepper spray. If you spend time in Bear Country you really owe it to yourself to make sure your prepared just in case. Don't confuse "bear spray" or "bear pepper spray" with other pepper spray products. Many people mistakenly purchase and carry one of the numerous personal defense or law enforcement pepper sprays designed for use against other humans rather than bears. Bear spray is specially formulated to be effective against bears. Only choose an EPA approved bear spray that is clearly labeled for "for deterring attacks by bears.
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