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Benefits of Carrying A Mini Stun Gun

The RUNT mini stun gun is a wise choice for reliable non-lethal self defense. Stun guns have come along way in the last couple of years. Technology enhancements have led to very powerful and reliable units. Sure there are many stun guns on the market to choose from. In fact, a simple Google search for the keyword "stun gun" will return over two million web pages! Runt Stun Gun The RUNT series of stun guns give users a nice selection of both power and power source. Users can choose from three battery powered units and one rechargeable device. The battery powered devices offer 350, 650, and 950K volts. The rechargeable unit is 950K volts. Battery units are powered by long life lithium three volt batteries and the first set is included. The typical battery life is approximately 6 months and the cost to replace batteries is about $10. The rechargeable RUNT 950,000 volt stun gun arrived about a year ago and is quickly become one of our top five selling stun guns. To charge simply plug the unit directly into a standard wall outlet, no batteries to buy! All RUNT series stun guns are the same size, only 3.5 inches tall. In addition, the RUNT look nothing like traditional stun guns. In fact, no one will know what your carrying unless you tell them. Very easy to conceal, the RUNT mini is very popular among our female customers. We warranty the RUNT for life. So if the unit stops working it is replaced free of charge. Most stun guns on the market are covered by one year manufacturer warranty's and if something does happen you have to jump through hoops to have anything done. All of our stun guns come with a lifetime warranty. Every once in awhile we ship out a "lemon" but the great majority of our stun guns (over 98%) never have a problem. Our RUNT stun gun has a 100% success rate. To date we have not received any complaints or requests for return or exchange on our RUNT stun devices! Stopping power, reliability, and price are what consumers look for and the RUNT series most definitely delivers. Should you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, it is proven that self defense products such as the RUNT stun gun significantly improve your chances deterring or preventing attack. In many cases the sound it puts off will be enough to deter attack. If you find yourself in a situation where force needs to be used you'll be impressed with the stopping power the RUNT possesses. Just a couple of seconds is all that is needed to overcome most attackers. Stun guns are very effective against human attack, but even more impressive in use against aggressive dogs. If you spend time outdoors, chances are you've had a run-in with a dog. Walker, joggers, and bikers are often times harassed by aggressive canines. It can be a miserable experience to have to deal with over and over. If you are carrying the RUNT your problems are over. Just a split second of contact will have the "tucking it's tail" and running in the other direction. Most dogs have an excellent memory so chances are the next time you go for that walk, the same dog will not bother you. These are just some of the many benefits of carrying a mini stun gun like the RUNT. If you, a friend or loved one is in the market for a self defense product I encourage you to try the RUNT. Should you ever find yourself in a "sticky" situation, you'll be glad you did.
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