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Dummy Camera Make Wise Investments

Our country is in the midst of one of the worst economic situations in our history. Millions of Americans have been laid off, still others cannot find jobs. The unemployment rate is approaching 10% and if you consider Americans who have stopped looking for jobs, the real unemployment rate is over 15%! The end results have led to significant increases in crime. Many are desperate and will do whatever is needed to provide for their family. Many of today's criminals are first offenders and feel as if they don't have a choice. The situation is a sad one, but nonetheless, your number one priority should be to provide a safe and secure environment for yourself and family. Dummy Camera A great way to add security to your home and property is to purchase a surveillance system. Advancements in technology have led to much more affordable systems. That being said, they still don't come cheap. Many individuals, consumers and small business owners, are opting to go with "dummy" surveillance cameras. Dummy cameras do an excellent job of deterring criminals and crimes such as robbery, theft, and vandalism. Dummy cameras are non-working security cameras that look just like the real thing but at a fraction of the cost. Most of these fake surveillance cameras include the blinking red LED light just like the real thing. Quality models even come with housing and fake power cables. Today's dummy cameras are nearly exact replicas of real working surveillance units. If you find yourself in a financial situation that will not allow you to purchase a surveillance system consider investing in dummy cameras as a low cost solution. You may even consider a dummy as a cheap way to add on to an existing surveillance system. The truth is they will not catch a criminal on video, but statistics show that the presence of security camera will prevent a great deal of crimes. Protect your home and property for a small investment today.
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