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Benefits of Triple Action Pepper Spray

Most days we get at least a few customers who call or email to inquire about our Mace Triple Action pepper spray line. Some of the most popular questions are: What is the difference between pepper spray and tear gas? Is Mace Triple Action better than the other self defense sprays you sell Specifically, what is the difference between the Triple action line and plain OC pepper spray Let me start by stating that Guardian Self Defense only carries premium defense spray. Every brand we carry is rigorously tested to ensure a premium, effective product. In addition, all of our pepper spray are made right here in the United States. Bet, that one surprised most people! It's true all pepper spray products are made and tested right here in the USA. Pepper spray is effective as an inflammatory agent. This means when you spray someone with a quality Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) spray, inflammation of the membranes is almost instant. The eyes become swollen shut, the inflammation causes temporary blindness because it swells the capillaries in the eyes. The respiratory track becomes inflamed once the OC is inhaled, or breathed in. The lungs and respiratory tissue become swollen and normal oxygen levels are decreased significantly. As a result, a person sprayed will need to concentrate on "life support breathing" and this usually breaks even the most aggressive person's will. After all if you can't see and you can't breathe; you really can't do much. The OC also causes severe mucus discharge out of the mouth, and nose. Finally, OC is painful, it carries with it an intense burning and stinging (especially in the eyes). Tear gas on the other hand is a pain agent. Tear gas works by physically causing a great deal of pain, profuse tearing and disorientation. The potential problem with tear gas is that it is ineffective on those who don't or cannot feel pain. Certain drug addicts and those under the influence, most likely have a much higher pain tolerance. For years now, pepper spray has been the self defense spray of choice for law enforcement professionals as well as civilians. Mace is a brand name that has been around for decades. Every self defense product by Mace is top of the line. With that said, Triple Action features pepper spray, tear gas and a UV marking dye. So yes, Mace is excellent because it combines tear gas, with a great OC spray and the UV marking dye. Our WildFire and Fox Labs pepper spray lines sport higher scoville heat ratings; at concentrations from 18% down to 2%. With the triple action product you carry a complete self defense spray. The combination of the two has been proven very effective in deterring human crime as well as canine's. So unlike, most self defense spray lines Mace combines CS tear gas, with OC pepper spray and a Ultraviolet marking light. I encourage you to review the line at: Bryan
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