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Purse Snatching Attempt In Broad Daylight

Local Purse Snatching Attempt Caught on Tape Local purse snatching attempt was caught on tape. This occurred in a small town right outside of Baton Rouge, in Denham Springs. It was last Sunday morning, broad daylight and in a Wal-Mart parking lot! This is the type of bold and brazen crime that happens everyday across the country. In most cases, the attackers have nothing to loose. They tend to be drug addicts in need of money for the next "high". Increasingly, these types of crimes are being committed by desperate individuals who are some of the millions who have become victims of the "economic recession". A new employment report came out today and reported that another 600,000 jobs were lost last month. This is down from over 800,000 in the previous month. Since the recession started, literally millions of people have lost their jobs and been unable to find work. Many of these people have house notes, car notes, insurance, children, etc. IN NO WAY AM I EXCUSING THEIR BEHAVIOR. My point is we have more potential criminals on our streets right now then maybe at any other time in history. Make personal safety and home security your number one priority. We can help,
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