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Best Non-Lethal Self-Defense Product

As you can imagine I'm approached numerous times daily from people young and old with the same question. What self defense product do you recommend? Well there are a bunch of great choices out there and as technology continues to advance, so will non-lethal self defense products. Some experts will tell you that the TASER C2 is the most technologically advanced defense product on the market; and they are correct. Stun batons and mini stun guns (small fry) are becoming more and more popular as a result of enhanced quality and reliability. In addition, the prices have come down and they are now available in rechargeable units. The best overall non-lethal self defense product available is a good pepper spray. Pepper spray should be used as your first line of defense against human attackers and aggressive dogs. First, pepper spray is very affordable. You can expect to pay between $8 and $50 depending on the size, brand and resin concentration. Second, pepper spray has a self life of 36 to 48 months, so if you will only need to replace your pepper spray, on average, every 3 years. Third, the effects of a good OC pepper spray are nearly immediate. Within a second the effects take hold and can be quite debilitating. Once sprayed, temporary blindness occurs, the respiratory tract becomes inflamed and breathing becomes extremely difficult. In addition extreme pain and burning take place. The effects last 20-40 minutes in most cases. You have the ability to stop an attacker or animal from a distance using pepper spray. A range of 8 to 30 feet are common depending on the model. For example, our Wildfire 4 ounce pepper spray has a range of up to 18 feet. Pepper spray is legal in every state (restrictions apply in a few states), but overall it legal and there is little chance of having to deal with any legal consequences. So if you're looking for a great overall non-lethal self defense, choose a good oc pepper spray and you can't go wrong.
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