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Could You Protect Yourself and Family

If you were faced with a personal safety emergency could you or would you be able to product yourself and loved ones? If so would you use physical self defense techniques such as street fighting or martial arts? Every 36 seconds someone is assaulted in the United States. A burglary is occurring every 14 seconds, while a theft takes place every 5 seconds. To put it in perspective, buy the time I finished typing the sentence above at least one person or family was assaulted, two homes were robbed and at least 4 thefts took place! We live in the greatest country in America, but the truth is that crime and criminals are all around us. It is up to us to protect, educate and raise awareness in and around our communities. So if you were getting out of your car in the mall parking lot and heading in to shop, then all of a sudden...could you or would you be ready and able to project yourself and loved ones. For the majority of us the truth to the answer is no. This doesn't mean we are all a bunch of candy asses, it means that crimes such as assault, home invasion, robbery, theft, etc happen very quickly and most don't have time to react. How do can you change the end result? How can you increase the odds in your favor that you won't become the next victim. The first thing you need to to is increase your awareness. It's easy to do, doesn't take any special skills and in most cases will deter a would be attacker. The next time you are out shopping, do some people watching. You will see the majority are not focused on whats going on around them. Most instead are talking on cell phones, listening to ipod's, reading the newspaper or a book, anything but paying attention to what is going on right then and there. That is awareness, and just by doing some people watching you can hone those awareness skills. When you are doing this you are very likely to make eye contact, this in itself is a great crime deterrent. In addition, you will stand out to most criminals as a tougher target. So remember awareness is the key! Practice it and live it everyday. Next, in most cases you don't want to or can't go toe to toe with these criminals. You have some very effective options, first you may choose to carry a handgun. If you think a handgun is right for you; it is a good idea to apply for a "concealed weapons permit". You will be required to take and complete classes to ensure you understand the how to use your weapon and the responsibility, as well as potential consequences of gun ownership. I own a handgun and feel very comfortable using one, but would only do so if an attacker entered my home or business and threatened harm. In my opininon the potential consequences in other situations are just too dangerous for me. You can choose a non-lethal self defense product such as pepper spray, Mace, stun guns, TASER devices, batons and many others. The immediate benefit is they will not kill but will disable or debilitate long enough to get to safety. Like anything else, the best product for you may not be for someone else. The most important thing is you determine what will work best for you. Next, learn how to use your self defense product, then practice and practice some more. At Guardian Self Defense we welcome your questions and are happy to help you determine what is likely to work best for you. The easiest and quickest way to reach us is via our secure contact form or you can call us at (800) 928-8343
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