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Brand New C2 TASER Information Page

Just finished our new C2 Taser information page. I am very excited about this page and feel like it answers ALL of the questions a consumer may have regarding the C2. TASER International discontinued the M-18 Series TASER early this month, in favor of the C2. The popularity and sales of the M-18 became "sluggish" once the C2 became available. The TASER C2 is the most advanced non lethal self defense weapon available. With that said, it's not for everyone. For that reason we created four short but informative videos. If you are considering the C2 I encourage you to spend 10 minutes on our information page. After the videos, I think you will know without a doubt if the TASER is for you or not. The first video will show you how it works, the technology behind it, getting it activated, as well as a description of all features and buttons. The second video is an FAQ regarding the C2. The third video is a general information video, not quite an infomercial but close. Finally, the last video is nothing but human demonstration. We filmed a group of brave volunteers at a self defense conference. These folks stepped up and said give me a "taste" of the C2. Most take about a 3 second blast from the TASER, just enough to let you feel the awesome power and pain!
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