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College Personal Safety Kit

Summer time has come to an end. Most college aged kids are headed back to campus for the fall semester. Most parents and students alike feel a false sense of safety on campus. Today's college experience is not the safe haven you'd like it to be. Over 4700 robberies, 3300 sex offences, 5000 assaults, and 31 murders took place on U.S. college campuses in 2009. Many will tell you that the college experience made for the best years of their lives. It's an exciting time. A time for exploration, personal growth and maturity. The one thing we don't expect at college is crime. The fact is if you don't anticipate and prepare for it, you are much more likely to fall victim. An Extreme College Personal Safety Kit has the practical tools needed to take a proactive approach to personal safety and dorm security. The College Personal Safety Kit has everything today's college students need to keep safe in any situation. How much is your confidence and peace of mind worth? So what's in the kit?
  • A lipstick pepper spray unit provides discreet non-lethal self defense.
  • A Nap Alarm is perfect for the drowsy college driver on those long commutes to and from home. If the head falls forward a high decibel alarm sounds
  • A specialty pepper spray product attaches to the auto visor on a vehicle to provide personal safety while you travel.
  • A two ounce pepper spray with wall mount is perfect for security a dormitory or apartment.
  • The pepper spray key chain is a take anywhere self defense weapon, that is small enough to conceal in even the smallest hands.
  • Secure you valuables in the real book diversion safe
  • A personal alarm gets needed attention. An electronic whistle provides 130 decibels of attention getting sound.
  • Place the door stop alarm under any entry way that needs to be secured. An attempt to open the door triggers a high pitched alarm while blocking the door from opening.
  • Secure an important area with a motion alert alarm. Movement triggers the alarm.
All of these tools plus a demonstration DVD that teaches you how to utilize every product. Finally, you get 6 great awareness reports that include: College and Safety Tips, College Rape Report, How to Secure Your Dorm or Apartment, Roommates, Safe Dating, and Tools Parents Can Use To Prepare Their Kid For College. college safety kit
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