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Pepper spray protection to and from work

Pepper spray is THE non-lethal self defense choice of professional law enforcement officers across the country. If the pros use it then you should depend on it also. There are literally hundreds of effective uses for pepper spray but today I'd like to discuss your safety to and from work. You may not realize it, but you are most vulnerable to attack during the following four critical periods of time each day:
  1. between the time you leave your home and enter your vehicle.
  2. between the time you exist your vehicle and arrive at work.
  3. between the time you leave the office and enter your vehicle.
  4. between the time you exit your vehicle and enter your home.
For most of us the last thing on our minds is our personal security. Our worlds are hectic and crazy. Our lack of safety preparation favors the opportunistic criminal who may lurk in wait. First things first, you need to tip those odds back into your favor by arming yourself with pepper spray and a commitment to safety awareness. The perfect pepper spray is a key chain style that attaches to your keys or is concealed in your hand. Get into the habit of having your spray ready as you exit the house, car or office. The investment in a key chain pepper spray is minimal but the potential benefits are huge. The size of a keychain spray is about 3.5 inches tall, which means you can easily hide it in the palm of your hand. This gives you the element of surprise. With a range of 10 feet you have the ability to stop an attacker(s) from a safer distance. Upon spraying an attacker in the face you can expect the OC to quickly neutralize them, blinding them, causing breathing difficulties, and a strong burning sensation throughout. Pepper spray takes no special skill set or knowledge to use. It is advisable that you spend a few minutes to familiarize yourself with how the unit works. Get an extra canister of pepper spray for practice. Spend the 5-10 minutes practicing. You will learn how far it will spray, the spray pattern, where the safety device is located and generally what to expect. pepper spray
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