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College Safety: Self Defense Products

Having heard of crime in the surrounding area of the college thier daughter had selected, the couple asked their daughter to consider going to school at a college in a town only a two hour drive from the family's home. With her this close they could check on her whenever they liked and she could come home anytime she got ready. They thought they had done everything to get their beautiful, outgoing, daughter prepared for the wonderful experience of college life. She was so excited to be on her own. But there was something they didn't know about the school they had selected. There was a secret about the school that was not revealed in the colorful brochures that that the family had received. It wasn't part of the information packet the student was handed when she enrolled. Yet, the school had been aware of it. There were documented reports of over 38 attacks at the campus and surrounding areas in the three years prior to her registration. This information was not made available to the students. Had she or her family been aware of these altercations, she would not have enrolled in the school. Then one early Spring day, in the wee hours of the morning, this young girl was attacked while she slept. She was raped and sodomized in her dorm room, because neither she nor her family had all the facts about the crime on campus. The intruder, a known drug and alcohol abuser, was a student at the same university. He entered her unlocked dorm room undetected, after passing through two other unlocked doors, one of which was the exterior door of the building. After this brutal attack, the University stepped up and became the first to begin documenting and publishing violent crime statistics for their campus and surrounding areas. Today, all colleges are required to make timely warnings about crimes that pose an ongoing threat to students and faculty. Your college student will be exposed to a whole new way of life the moment he or she steps onto campus. For many kids this is their first taste of freedom. While this should be a time of learning and emerging into adulthood, the plain fact is college can be a dangerous place. There are people who actually stalk college students waiting on a chance to do them harm. Robberies, theft, sexual assaults are all crimes that affect the campuses and surrounding areas of college. To keep your student from becoming a victim, send them off with these life saving tools to keep them safe.
  • Portable Door Alarms: Easy to install and remove. These inexpensive devices have an audible alarm that registers 120 decibels.
  • Pepper Spray: This is a must have for every college student, especially young ladies. Make sure they have a pepper spray at all times, use the handy 1/2 ounce Pepper Spray with Visor Clip when in the car, take the Pepper Spray with Keychain when going to class or other places on campus, and ladies can always carry the Lipstick Pepper Spray almost anywhere.
  • Electronic Whistle: Compact and lightweight, a whistle gets attention. The best thing about this one is, you don't even have to blow it. Just push the button on the 120 decibel whistle will sound until you release it. If someone tries to attack, just sound the whistle for help.
  • These are just a few examples of self defense products that are ultra practical, affordable and other peace of mind and personal security that is priceless.
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