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Personal Security Alarms

The popularity of personal security alarms is skyrocketing largely because of technology enhancements, their ease of use, and the fact that they will not cause harm to others. Everyone is aware of pepper spray, stun guns and even air tasers; but when discussing the topic of self defense products a growing consumer following are requesting personal security alarms. Personal security alarm A personal alarm is typically a very small and practical electronic device that sounds a loud high decibel alarm with the push of a button Personal security alarms are lightweight, easy to operate and can be taken just about anywhere. If the user feels his or her safety may be compromised they can activate the alarm to summon help. Experts agree that one of the most effective ways to deter and even prevent crime is to draw attention by making noise. It is often recommended that in an emergency situation one should "Yell Fire". The personal alarm is made with this very idea in mind. At up to 130 decibels a little personal alarm will get the attention you need in any crisis. Personal alarms have become favorites among the elderly and young to middle aged females. Most buy a personal alarm to supplement their personal security and may use as there first line of defense. As a second line or backup they may carry pepper spray or a stun gun. Suppose you just left the mall and are walking in the parking lot to your car. You notice someone walking toward you a very fast pace. At about 15 feet you push the button to activate your 130 decibel alarm; the would be attacker is momentarily startled and then he runs away. On lookers come to your aid and contact the police. This is just one example of how a personal alarm could be utilized. Criminals don't like attention, the main function of an alarm is to draw attention. In many cases the personal alarm will be all that is needed to deter a would be assailant. Some criminals are very determined and the personal alarm alone may not be enough to thwart an attack. This is why we say a personal security alarm is a "supplemental" self defense product. Our recommendation is to always have and be ready and willing to use a less lethal product like pepper spray. A good self defense spray can stop even the most determined and aggressive individuals. The combination of these two devices can be extremely effective for self defense.
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