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Convicted Sex Predator and Murderer To Die By Injection

Tommorrow, a convicted sexual predator and murderer is scheduled to meet his maker. Gerald J. Bordelon will die Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 6pm central time at Angola Maximum Security Prison in Louisiana, by lethal injection. Bordelon admitted to kidnapping his then 12 year old step daughter, forcing her to perform oral sex and then strangling her to death. He was convicted of his 2002 crime in 2006 and sentenced to death.

Bordelon, a three time convicted sexual predator recently reported that if released he would offend again. Bordelon will be the first person executed at Angola since 2002. He's committed some terrible sex crimes and during his last offense he viciously murdered his young step daughter.

Bordelon has waived the right to appeal his conviction and thus given up his right to extend his stay on Death Row potentially by decades. He admits to being guilty and admits that if released he would re-offend. This is further evidence of just how difficult it is to rehabilitate sexual predators. Bordelon's statements are in-line with many experts' findings on sex offenders. Many reports state that over 80% of all convicted sex offenders will re-offend if given the chance.

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