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CPR For Infants and Small Children

Like most of you I tend to fly around by the seat of my pants most days. Each day seems to be busy, which in my opinion is a good thing, but many days we are forced to prioritize, as there simply is not enough time in the day to tackle everything I want to. Let's see I run this self defense and security business that demands a huge amount of time. I have a wife and two children (a four year old and one month old) that demand even more time. Household tasks need to be taken care of. Then there are family and friends. You get the point. For me it's God and family, everything else must be secondary. It's easy to say, but much harder to actually not loose sight of this. Last week I had "baby duty" on a Saturday to allow my wife to spend time with our 4 year old and to just get out and about. My one month old son and I were having a great day. I was feeding him when he started to cough, choke and looked as if he was having trouble getting air. I leaned him forward and patted his back and the episode quickly passed. Almost immediately I started thinking what if....What if the episode did not pass and his breathing really was restricted? What if he become unconscious, non responsive and was not breathing? Well, the answer is I really would not know how to effectively step in and help my son. As I pondered these thoughts, I figured that many others were probably in the same boat. Like me it was never really high on the priority list, because nothing had happened to scare the s@*t out of me. Anyway, I found a site that I'd like to share with everyone. It is CPR instructions for infants and small children. It is free and even has video demonstrations to help you learn the techniques. I suspect most of you prioritize your each and every day. Take it from me and don't loose sight of the things that are truly important in your life. Those few treasured things should receive the bulk of your time and energy. Again, much easier said than done.
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