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Discrete Self Defense Products

Looking for a discrete self defense product you can rely on? One that you can count on to stand with confidence in any situation? The fact is there are lots of self defense products on the market today and many of which are extremely effective. The problem is that a growing number of people don't feel comfortable broadcasting to the world that they are carrying something. Instead, some prefer to go with a product that is discrete, one that won't give itself away. Two of the most effective self defense products on the market today oc pepper spray and stun guns. Good old pepper spray has been around for years because it works. Pepper spray outsells all other non-lethal self defense products combined. The main reasons include it's ability to stop even the most aggressive attackers from a distance, it's long usability mean you don't have to purchase frequently, and cost effectiveness. Technology has evolved to make oc pepper spray a great first line of defense. Stun guns are being used by thousands of people across the country as a self defense weapon. Stun guns are contact weapons that are effective at an attacker using a high voltage, low amperage shock. A 1 to 3 second shock causes loss of muscle control, confusion, loss of balance, and pain. Stun gun manufacturers have improved their products so much over the years that most are now backed by life time warranties. My recommendation for discrete self defense products include the PepperBlaster II oc pepper spray gun and the Runt 4.5 million volt mini stun gun. No one will have any idea that what you have is for self defense, unless you tell them! The PepperBlaster II fires to shots of oc at over 90 mph to an effective range of up to 13 feet. The 4 million scoville heat unit PepperBlaster will remove their fight the second it makes contact. Check out all of the details and watch a short video of the PepperBlaster II. The Runt 4.5 million volt mini stun gun looks like a pager or electronic device. It comes with a nylon belt holster, plus it is plugs into the wall to recharge. This high voltage stun gun will drop an assailant fast, and give you the time needed to get help. For more information regarding the Runt visit us at
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