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Personal Safety Tips - Personal Pepper Spray and Alarm

A young women reported being raped while walking home from a near by bar. The women says a man grabbed her from behind, threw her in the ditch, then violently raped her, before running away. A female college student was attacked in broad daylight by three attackers who put her in a choke-hold while stealing more than $300. A dog broke away from its leash, attacking a women as she fast walked for exercise around the neighborhood. The bites were severe enough to require a hospital visit and several stitches. These three incidents all happened today in my community. Do you realize that this stuff is happening each day, all around us? Its absolutely the truth and not likely to stop anytime soon. Crime cannot be eliminated but you can drastically decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim. Follow our general personal safety tips and give yourself the upper-hand.
  1. Opportunistic criminals look for a vulnerability, than attack it. Be especially aware of your surroundings at times when you may be less alert and more vulnerable to an attack (e.g., during periods of stress) when you are upset or sick, or if you have been drinking.
  2. Use the "buddy system" whenever possible. There is safety in numbers, so try not to embark alone. If you must, always use discretion and caution when in isolated surroundings.
  3. If you must be in an isolated area, lock the doors and tell a friend or the Police Department where you are and when you plan to leave.
  4. Always have your cell phone accessible and charged. Program important emergency numbers into your cell phones speed dial.
  5. Keep personal belongings in view while eating, meeting, or shopping .
  6. Carry a personal pepper spray and personal security alarm with you at all times. Pepper spray or mace is affordable, stops attackers from a distance and proven extremely effective. Pepper spray is effective against humans and aggressive dogs. A personal security alarm, will make noise and get needed attention.
  7. Learn self-defense techniques. Classes are offered through most law enforcement agencies.
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