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Dog Attack Makes Walk In The Park A Scary Situation

A walk in the park with her dog turned into a nightmare for Dunedin woman Sonia McGregor after her dog Ali was attacked by another dog. Soon after Ali had been let off his leash to run around Kettle Park, a dog, which looked like a pit bull, ran from the other side of the field and started biting Ali's neck, she said. At first the owner of the pit bull thought it was playing with Ali but soon realised it was worse when Mrs McGregor tried to pry the dog off. The rest of the story is HERE. "At first I didn't know what to do and then I started hitting the dog but I was worried about my hands . . . It was very scary,'' she said. People with potentially dangerous dogs needed to consider others before letting their dogs off a leash. ''I'm not sure if he gave me the wrong number or in the heat of the moment I wrote it down wrong.'' Mrs McGregor had not contacted the Dunedin City Council but said she would soon. Dunedin South Veterinary Clinic veterinarian Alistair Newbould said there had been a spate of animals coming to the clinic suffering from dog bites in the last month but it was not unusual. ''Usually, if a dog has bitten another dog or animal, they are likely to have done it before or do it again,'' he said. When an animal is bitten by a dog it should be taken to a veterinary clinic immediately because of the danger of infection, he said.
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