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  • Outdoor Protection With Pepper Spray For Runners, Walkers And Cyclists

    The two biggest threats to people who run, walk or cycle outdoors are dog attacks and, especially for women, attacks from assailants. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has statistics that show that close to 5 million Americans annually are attacked by dogs with nearly 1,000,000 of them requiring hospitalization. To combat this common threat we suggest that you learn some basic dog attack prevention techniques. Some suggestions are: Carry a pepper spray for runners that has a hand strap. Avoiding areas where dogs congregate. If you see two or...

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  • Is Pepper Spray To Stop Dog Attacks The Best Self Defense?

    Are you one of the nearly 5,000,000 victims of a dog attack every year? Or maybe you are one of the 900,000 plus that requires hospitalization because of a dog bite? If you are, then you probably wished you had a pepper spray to stop dog attacks. Admittedly the largest category of dog bites and dog attacks happens in the home to children in the age range of 1 to 4, but a large number of Americans should never walk, jog or run outdoors without a pepper spray that is...

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  • What Is Oleoresin Capsicum?

    What is oleoresin capsicum? It is a funny sounding name; actually two words that comprise the essence of pepper spray. The two words are; oleoresin which means an oil holding resin in solution, and capsaicin which is the active ingredient in peppers that makes them hot. Capsaicin is the major ingredient in creams and lotions “commonly marketed to relieve muscle and joint pain.” To rephrase it, oleoresin capsicum is the resin of one of the hottest peppers in the world, the cayenne-combined with water, glycol and a propellant such as...

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  • Sabre Dog Pepper Spray A Must For Walkers, Joggers and Cyclists

    Every week we read about dog attacks. It is true that most dog attacks and dog bites happen in the home against small children. That's hard to believe, but true. And the stories you hear about letter carriers getting bitten by dogs in the course of their duties are also true. That is not a myth that has gotten blown out of proportion. As a matter of fact, letter carriers are the second biggest group of victims of dog attacks which is why the U.S.P.S. issues pepper sprays to all...

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  • Dog Attacks-Three Times Higher In Deprived Areas

    Here is a story from England about Dog Attacks in areas that are deprived. "The number of dog bites leading to hospital admission is three times higher among people living in the deprived areas study from Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) has revealed. Hospital admissions for dog attacks are three times higher in deprived area than affluent regions in England. According to the report, there were 6,743 hospital admissions specifically by dog attacks, a 5.8% increase from the 6,372 admissions last year." Dr Simon Harding, a lecturer in...

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  • Best Stun Master Stun Guns-The Top Three

    In today's blog post we are introducing you to the best stun guns from Stun Master-the top three. Stun Master has been around for close to 30 years and features quality products that all have a lifetime warranty as a testament to their quality. They are all characterized by innovation and industry leading features such as the disable pin wrist strap. 1. The first on our list is the Runt Stun Gun that is 10,000,000 volts and features a 120 lumen LED flashlight built-in along with a built-in slide out...

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  • Dog Attack Kills Toddler/Grandma

    Here's a story from the Fox affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona about Dog Attacks. A family there suffered a terrible tragedy when their nine-month-old baby was mauled by their pet dog-an Akita. The mother left the baby in the family room for a few minutes when the Akita knocked down a gate and went after the child. The dog apparently has a history of violence attacking both the older sister and the infant's mother. An official noted that it is not uncommon to keep dogs that have violent history but that...

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  • Dog Attacks-New Opinion

    Here is an editorial written by a concerned citizen about her observations in people's attitudes when out walking dogs, riding their bikes or just out through daily exercise. You can read the whole opinion piece HERE. Her observations are that people are arming themselves with pepper spray, sticks, stun guns, wasp spray or anything else they can use if there dog was attacked by an aggressive dog or if they are attacked. The fact is, there is no excuse for a dog to be aggressive. An aggressive dog is an...

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