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Dog's Can Be Great For Security

Before we had pepper spray, stun guns or taser devices the security device of choice for many was a dog! Yes, man's best friend, has the keen instinct to protect it's owners property. Many convicted criminals suggest that a dog is one of the most effective deterrents to a host of residential crimes. Dogs have a much better sense of hearing and smell than we do and dogs can easily detect the presence of a would-be attacker much sooner than we can. The bark is their way of alerting us and is also a warning or deterrent. Barking Dog A great way to protect your home is to invest in a large dog. This is not to suggest that you go out and buy a dog to be your security guard. Dogs need to be cared for, fed, bathed, given medicines, and genuinely loved. The security they will provide is instinctual and will come naturally. If your not a dog lover or just don't have the time necessary to be a responsible dog owner consider the Electronic Watchdog. This is a barking dog alarm that sounds just like the real thing without the commitment. Yes it's a multifunctional electronic barking dog system. Using radar-wave sense control technology it monitors motion through walls, wood, cement, brick, glass and more. . When an someone enters the 100° triangle of protection, the alarm automatically senses this and begins barking just like a watchdog. Barking Dog Alarm
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