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Securing The Interior Of Your Home

Securing the inside of your home is just as important as making sure the exterior is safe. The two go hand and hand; yet many of us neglect to do what's necessary to protect the interior of your residence. Here is a very simple yet comprehensive list. Home Security
  • Don't allow anyone into your home unless you can verify that they have a valid reason for being there.
  • Use a door stop or chain lock while identifying a stranger at your door.
  • Be cautious of anyone who arrives at your home uninvited. Do not allow entry into your home until you are 100 percent sure they are who they claim to be.
  • Just because someone is wearing what appears to be an "official uniform" doesn't make them legitimate. Never assume, if you have doubts, contact the company they supposedly represent to verify.
  • If you lose or misplace your keys, get your locks changed or at least re-keyed
  • Keep cash to a minimum in your home or on your person.
  • Use a diversion safe to store valuables.
  • Your bedroom doors should have reliable locks on them and you should have access to a phone in each bedroom
  • Take an inventory of every valuable possession in your home. Include important information on a spreadsheet like serial number, date of purchase, approximate value, and amount of insurance coverage. Mark items with something appropriate and unique. Take pictures of your items and store along with your inventory list in a safe and secure location.
  • Self defense products can help provide you with confidence and peace of mind.
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