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Domestic Violence Cases Cause Squeeze On Shelter Space

This is a story from a St. Louis television station that is reporting a shortage of shelter space for women because that an increase in Domestic Violence. Shelters are particularly busy in winter time and this winter has been one of the most difficult and challenging pushing people to the edge. There is no particular explanation anybody can come up with for the increase in domestic violence. There has been no increase in resources for shelters for women which causes a squeeze on space. The latest numbers show for every one victim who got into a shelter, two were turned away. A typical stay in a shelter is at least a month. Nationwide domestic violence affects nearly 30% of all women and some categories of women it's much higher. For example, a woman who has a disability has a 40% chance of being abused; a homeless woman has a 63% chance; and a homeless woman with children who report domestic abuse is at 92%.
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