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Domestic Violence Is An Equal Opportunity Destroyer

A recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association contradicted stereotypes that domestic violence is more prevalent in low-income or minority households. You can read the whole story HERE. Basically it showed violent incidents crossed economic lines with near equal percentages in all income brackets. Families of all races and ethnicities were also affected and three of every four perpetrators were male. “Family violence definitely cuts across all society’s segments and income levels and has a serious impact on children, the nationwide study indicates. "The study interviewed children who had witnessed domestic violence. Three in four children saw the violence, 21 percent heard it and 3 percent saw the injuries later. The violence included beating, hitting and kicking a parent or caregiver. One in 75 cases reported the child was physically hurt during a violent attack on their abused parent. All experienced fear and anxiety, and more than half said they were afraid someone would be hurt badly. The children indicated the violence was one of their scariest experiences ever, according to the study published online April 7 in the APA journal Psychology of Violence."
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