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Domestic Violence On The Rise In Las Vegas

There was a story recently out of Las Vegas, Nevada that talked about the rise in domestic violence in that city. So far this year five homicides involving domestic violence have happened in the Las Vegas area. In 2013, 32% of all homicides were a direct result of domestic violence. One officer from the Las Vegas Family Crimes Bureau said that a lot of factors are beyond the Police Department's control and that tensions run high in domestic violence cases and law enforcement has to get in the middle of it. He blames the high rate of domestic violence on the transient population of the city and the 9% unemployment rate. Police statistics show that close to 48% of all women in Las Vegas will be subjected to some form of domestic violence. That is much higher than the national average which is closer to 30%. “The economy is a huge factor,” he said. “Financially, people are struggling, and that just adds more stress. Relationships are already stressful enough. Throw in some of these extra factors like a lack of money, being foreclosed upon and not knowing where you’re gonna live, those are huge factors and lead to a lot of our calls.”
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