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Easy Target for Criminals?

Are you an easy target for criminals? Our "knee jerk" reaction is always NO, but really give it some thought you and may change your answer. Now more than ever before self defense and personal security needs to be a priority. Jobless rates are at levels not seen since the Great Depression. Historical statistics paint a very clear picture; crime rates are directly correlated to unemployment rates. As unemployment rates increase so does the rate of crime, including violent crimes. This coupled with epidemic illegal drug use should further emphasize the immediate need for self defense and personal security products.
  • As creatures of habit most of us like habit and routine. Do you follow the same routine every morning. Do you wake up at the same time each morning? Then struggle to the shower? Get dressed, grab a cup of coffee, walk the dogs, then it's off to work we go?
  • On your way to work do you stop at the same convenience store or gas station? Do you take the same route over and over each day?
  • Do you park in the same lot at the same time each morning? Then walk along the same path each and every morning?
  • If you are like most of us, the overwhelming answer is YES. Since we are being honest, you are an easy target for criminals! Criminals are very opportunistic and they love to prey on predictable people. Predictability makes you an attractive and easy target. Become a little unpredictable and decrease your chances of falling victim significantly. Starting today I want you to practice changing your daily routine. It's simple and easy to do; and statistics show that you will decrease your chances of falling victim to crime by up to 50%. Start by varying the times you leave the house each morning. If you are used to leaving at 7 am each morning, get up a bit earlier and start leaving at 6:30 a few times each week. When walking the dogs change the path you follow frequently. On your way to work change change your route often, take the interstate on one day and maybe a more scenic route the next. If you have a GPS, most will give you lots of alternate routes to choose from. On your way avoid stopping at the same gas station or coffee shop each morning. Upon arriving at work, try not to park in the same location each day. Consider waiting for others before you exit your vehicle and begin walking in. Self defense products such as pepper spray and mace are inexpensive, easy to carry and use and extremely effective. Defense spray such as fox labs pepper spray is used as a first line of defense for law enforcement professionals. The feedback is consistently positive. If you will commit to becoming less predictable; then arm yourself with a self defense spray and finally practice until you are comfortable using. This commitment will result in improved confidence and security while reducing your risk of becoming a victim of crime.
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