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Pepper Spray Products

Not so long ago tear gas and was used almost exclusively by professional law enforcement agencies. Over time the effectiveness of tear gas on persons under the influence of certain drugs was called into question. Studies soon confirmed that tear gas may be ineffective against individuals who did not feel pain. This sent the self defense industry back to the drawing board in search of a better defense spray. Pepper spray was introduced in the 80's as a dog spray repellent for use by the U.S. Postal Service. In 1987 the FBI endorsed pepper spray as an official chemical agent. The popularity of pepper spray continues to grow by both consumers and professionals alike. The potency and effectiveness of pepper spray makes it the number one non-lethal self defense spray available. A good pepper spray product will stop both human and animal attacks almost instantly. Manufacturers like Mace quickly changed their product offerings to include a large selection of pepper spray products. Guardian Self Defense has a great selection of premium pepper spray products.
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