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You just finished a long day at the office and are looking forward to happy hour at a local bar and grill. After a great evening your walking back to your car. As you near you're vehicle you reach into your purse for the keys. At that moment your hear footsteps directly behind you. You turn around to find a large male coming quickly at you. Are you prepared? What would you do? This is not a rare scenario, in fact crimes like assault, burglary, theft or rape happen at alarming rates. In the United States, a violent crime is committed 3 times every minute, or nearly 180 every hour! We are living in very challenging times. Statistics show that we each have about a 1 in 5 chance of becoming the victim of violent crime. There are things you can do today to turn change the odds and make yourself, family and home a tough target. You home should be a safe haven. The one place where you should always feel safe. Start with our Home Security Survey. Pepper spray is the number one non-lethal self defense product for a reason. It is effective at stopping even the most aggressive attackers, it's easy and convenient to use, it's very affordable and lasts for years. After spraying someone in the face with pepper spray you can expect it to cause temporary blindness, extreme respiratory distress and sever pain. As soon as someone is exposed they loose their sight, are limited to life support type breathing, and face burning pain. These effects are temporary and subside after about 30 minutes, plenty of time to get yourself to safety. Pepper spray allows you to stop an attacker from a distance and requires no special skills or strength to use. Consider taking a basic self defense course. The main thing participants learn while taking self defense is awareness skills. Being aware of your surroundings, learning to trust your instincts, and learning the skills necessary to protect yourself are priceless. Contact local law enforcement agencies to inquire about self defense courses. By completing the home security survey and acting upon it's findings, purchasing a good self defense spray, and enrolling in a self defense course you can drastically reduce your chances of becoming a victim. Additionally, you will be in a much better position to educate others. God forbid, you do find yourself in a dangerous situation, you'll be ready to act and protect yourself.
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